Meet Dr. Janelle Walker

I was the neighborhood kid who brought home strays and tried to nurse injured birds and squirrels back to health. Following a double major of Biology and Microbiology, I received my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1992 and have been a dedicated veterinarian ever since. As a pet owner all my life, I know how stressful it can be to bring a beloved family pet to the veterinarian for care. That’s why after starting Best Friends Veterinary in 2001, I’ve been working ever since to create a better, more comfortable way.

When the weather cooperates (and sometimes when it’s not!), you’ll find me on hiking trails with my dogs, gardening or riding my bike for miles across the countryside.

Professional Degrees & Affiliations

  • Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State
  • University and Washington State University
  • Portland Veterinary Medical Association
  • American Animal Hospital Association
  • American Association of Feline Practitioners
  • Oregon Veterinary Medical Association
  • Cofounder, Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Meet Dr. Menighed

I was born in Algeria and grew up in France. Pursuing my dream for the welfare of animals, and believing that human health and animal health are synergistically intertwined, I feel it is my role as a veterinarian to further this synergy by practicing excellence in pet-health care. In line with this, it has been my honor to volunteer as a veterinarian with nonprofit organizations locally and overseas in countries such as France, Algeria and the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.

When I’m not caring for pets, I try to make time for soccer, volleyball, biking, hiking, photography, camping and traveling.

Professional Degrees & Affiliations

  • (France) Docteur Veterinaire, École Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort, Paris
  • (U.S.) Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • American Animal Hospital Association
  • Santa Barbara Ventura Medical Association

Our Staff

Veterinary Technicians

Hello from Dalila! Typical Latina here with a chihuahua named Scrappy Cornelius Doo. You can always tell I’m here when you hear “MARCO!” and everyone responds “POLO!” My veterinary superpowers: finding arterial lines and placing catheters for surgery. I’m a vet tech because I know how much my little scrapper means to me: he’s more than just a dog, he’s my first-born best friend. I’m that auntie who spoils your pet like he was my own! Treats & xoxo!

I completed my degree in Veterinary Science in my home country of Nepal and went on to work with rhesus monkeys there and with long-tailed (cynomolgus) monkeys in Seattle. As part of the research portion of my doctorate degree in tuberculosis diagnosis from the University of Kiel in Germany, I went to Sierra Leone, in Africa, to study and work with chimpanzees. Working with pets has always been my interest though, and now as a Veterinary Technician in Portland, I finally have the opportunity. My 4 year-old daughter was fascinated with the idea of me working with pets, which really inspired me to find work here at BFVMC. I am truly enjoying my work with all your pets and the lovely people at BFVMC!

Hi, I’m Maggie! I moved here from Massachusetts where I used to work for a children’s museum looking after all the animals in the collection. I have worked with all kinds of animals, ranging from mountain lions to eagles and opossums to turtles. Now I am very excited to learn some new skills as a Vet Tech here at Best Friends and be able to help all the pets that come in. I love cats and dogs, but I still have a little taste of exotics at home taking care of my pet ball python, Frederick. No worries though, I promise there will be no surprise snake visits in the clinic!

Hi there, my name is Chelsea! I recently moved to Portland from the California Bay Area with my dog Buster. I graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 2015 with a degree in Neurobiology, but I found my passion is working with animals. Before starting as a veterinary technician, I worked at Humane Society Silicon Valley, where I discovered my love of fostering the human-animal bond—Best Friend’s emphasis on this relationship is what drew me to work here! I love animals in all shapes and sizes, but I have a particular fondness for freshwater fish and invertebrates. I’ve been maintaining a tank for over five years that I brought with me all the way from California!

Hi, I’m Kaylee! I’ve lived most of my life in Oregon. I decided to go into the veterinary field after taking my first pet sitting job at the age of 16, and have since gone on to earn a bachelors in biology from OSU. I am looking into a certified veterinary technician program at Penn Foster. I have two dogs named Lucky and Rex. Lucky is a finicky but sweet cocker spaniel, and Rex is a rambunctious cuddle bug.

Hi, I’m Meghan! I’m originally from the Bay Area in California and moved to Portland with my husband, step-son, and dog Jazz in 2011. I started out as a receptionist here at Best Friends, and am very excited to now be training as a technician so I can further help all your adorable pets. I’ve had some fun dipping my toes in different careers like being a theatre performer and barista, but I keep coming back to careers that allow me to work with animals. My previous position was with a nonprofit that trained therapy rabbits for visits to folks in nursing homes and hospitals; the bunnies there taught me so much about animal care and the strong emotional bonds we share with our pets. I am an avid animal lover of all kinds, and have a growing zoo in my apartment! My “super-mutt” furbaby Jazz is now 14 years old, and she has four bunny siblings: Rosie, Joey, Petunia, and Pansy. The ultimate dream for me is running a small countryside sanctuary for needy animals of all species.

Hi, I’m Kristina! I was born and raised in Portland, but my parents came here as refugees from Ukraine. Because of this I am fluent in both English and Russian. My family in Ukraine lived on farms in harmony with nature, and they always had animals—dogs, cats, chickens, geese, rabbits, and an owl that my grandmother rescued. People always brought us animals that needed help—even a fox one time! Now I have the pleasure of helping animals every day at Best Friends Veterinary and carrying on this compassion.


Hi, I’m Seaira! I was raised on the coast of California but moved my family to Texas to help out with my grandma a few years back. Although the south was nice, it wasn’t for us so we moved back home a few years later when she started feeling better. The rest of my family already lived up here in Portland and when visiting, we decided this would be the right place to raise my son and daughter. I have been working in the animal medical field since 2014 and have truly found my passion helping animals and their people. I am so happy to have found this job working with Dr. Walker, and I love being a part of this team! On my time off I enjoy exploring the great outdoors Portland has to offer, practicing art, and relaxing at home with my family and my sweet kitty Clyde. <3

Hello! My name is Hollie. I was born and raised in Central Oregon! In 2015, I drove across the country with my kitty Sue Ellen to Georgia so I could reunite with my husband who was in the army at the time and was returning from deployment. I immediately got another cat (Toby) so my little Sue had a brother–she did not appreciate that but has since learned to love him! We lived near the sunny and extremely humid beach for a few years then moved up to cold Washington when we had our son. After a year, we decided to relocate to Portland and have been here for about 3 years now! I decided to join the veterinary field due to my passion for taking care of animals. I will never get over the pure joy of holding a new puppy or kitty! As of right now, you’ll know me as the person answering the phones and scheduling your fur babies appointments, but I hope to soon learn more about assisting the doctors in the back and become a technician! See you at your pet’s next check-up. 🙂

Office Manager

With a professional background managing construction crews, coaching teams of K-12th graders chess, robotics, soccer, basketball, baseball, archery and tennis, and teaching kids of all ages everything from computer science to outdoor survival skills, now I find myself with a wonderful new challenge—helping keep the gears running smoothly in this humming veterinary clinic. I’ve always loved being around dogs and cats, but my life’s work has involved helping people. It’s my pleasure that I get to do both here at Best Friends.