Cat Clinic Reception

Since cats and dogs don’t always get along, there are no dogs here on the cat side of the clinic. Surroundings are quiet. The environment is designed specifically for cats.

We do house calls! Contact us to find out if this might be the better option for your cat.

Cat Clinic Services

cat_checkupAll routine procedures and surgeries are handled on-site. When needed, we work with specialists who often perform surgery at our clinic. For more complex cases, we work with a network of highly trained specialists, providing referrals as needed. Learn more about the services we provide.

Cat Exam Rooms

We offer two “cats-only” exam rooms — each designed in a way that requires minimal restraint in order to work with the cat. Blankets and beds are used to make cats warm and comfortable. The use of “Feliway,” a natural pheromone to help calm cats, reduces stress and makes the visit to the vet as easy as possible.

Where Cats Stay

In our cat wards, kennels include beds, blankets, litter boxes and food, plus a place for shy kitties to hide. Cats with infectious diseases are kept in isolation, both for their protection while their immunity is lowered, and to keep all other pets in the clinic disease free.

March 21, 2015

“Taking my kitty KC to the vet had always been a chore. It usually took two vet techs, the vet and myself to hold her down for any procedure. The very first time Dr. Walker cared for KC, her gentle voice, and warm patience was all KC needed to ensure her that she was safe. At that moment I knew that Dr. Walker was the one for my furry family and me.”
— Patty Schnabel