Top Dog Clinic in Portland, OR

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Dog Clinic Reception

While you’re checking in, there’s a convenient place to hook your dog’s leash while you’re at the counter and plastic bags in case there’s an accident. “Dogs only” means less stress for your dog—and for you.

We do house calls! Contact us to find out if this might be the better option for your dog.

Dog Clinic Services

dog_patientAll routine procedures and surgeries are handled on-site. When needed, we work with specialists who often perform surgery at our clinic. For more complex cases, we work with a network of highly trained specialists, providing referrals as needed. Learn more about the services we provide.

Dog Exam Rooms

We offer two different “dogs-only” exam rooms — one for smaller dogs, one for larger dogs. Each exam room features an appropriately sized dog bed and scale. And the use of “dog appeasing pheromones” helps keep dogs calm throughout their stay.

Where Dogs Stay

In our dog wards, kennels are used that accommodate all dog sizes. Dogs with infectious diseases are kept in isolation, both for their protection while their immunity is lowered, and to keep all other pets in the clinics disease free. And for dogs that need more room to move, dog runs are available.

March 21, 2015

“Dr. Walker does a great job of educating pet owners. I’ve learned how to recognize when Lola is sick, what plants and foods are bad, the importance of brushing my pet’s teeth and more.”
— Shana & Lola, the chocolate lab