We were thrilled when a vet’s office opened w/in walking distance of our house, and over the years Dr. Walker and her friendly and reliable staff have helped us negotiate the various stages of our pets’ growth whether it was a new kitten’s first check up or an aging dog’s illnesses.
Dr. Walker has been the only vet our 7 year old Golden Retriever, Leo, has ever known, and though he still doesn’t like coming to his annual appointments, he is warmly welcomed and spends most of his time eating treats and wagging his tail.
When our much older Sheltie, Lily, started showing signs of possible diabetes last year, it was Dr. Walker who confirmed the diagnosis and gave us the information we needed to plan for Lily’s future. Our personal experiences with family members and previous pets made this a particularly difficult diagnosis. Ultimately we weighed all of the factors concerning Lily, who had alot of health issues over the past few years, and made a plan to move forward w/o insulin treatment. Our goal was to manage her illness until her lifestyle was greatly compromised or she was in pain. Even though this was a hard choice to make, Dr. Walker did not judge us for our decision and checked in with us regularly to see how Lily was doing. Lily had a great final couple of months, but when the time came to put her down, it was a peaceful and compassionate experience.
Dr. Walker is a warm, empathetic, professional with a personable, caring staff. They all made a very sad experience manageable and we look forward to years of future pet care with them as our resource for whatever may come.
James & Kathleen Meyer

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