aboutus2I will never forget the day we met Dr. Walker and her staff. It was a September afternoon when our basset hound, Astro, began to have a seizure. Frantic, we called our vet right away. After they informed us they would ‘try to fit us in, but we may have to wait’, we quickly got into our car and began to drive in pursuit of a veterinarian—any veterinarian.
As we tried to comfort Astro, I vaguely remembered seeing a office near my school. We pulled up and rushed Astro inside Best Friends Veterinary Medical Center. The staff immediately dropped everything to rush our Astro back. Before they even knew our name, Dr. Walker and her staff instantly dropped to the floor comforting Astro with blankets and stabilizing his condition. I knew at that moment we had found a new veterinarian.
We were devastated to find out that Astro had cancer. Dr. Walker provided excellent care to Astro and helped us through a very difficult time. Astro now lives on through our boys, Cosmo and Turbo.
Dr. Walker is one of the most warm and compassionate people I have ever met. Her knowledge and sincere love for animals is admirable and we feel so fortunate to have her in our lives.
Corinne & Spencer