aboutus3Taking my kitty KC to the vet had always been a chore, filled with embarrassment and guilt. It usually took two vet techs, the vet and myself to hold her down for any procedure—and this was after she had been rolled up tight in a towel.
The very first time that Dr. Walker cared for KC I thought she might be crazy for not calling in the troops. Yet, I was wrong. Dr. Walker’s gentle voice, her warm patience, possibly her aura was all KC needed to ensure her that she was safe. It took Dr. walker and her alone to draw blood from her in the blink of an eye. KC just sat as if she was being scratched under the chin in her favorite spot. Simple as that and at that moment I knew that Dr. Walker was the one for my furry family and me.
KC is gone now. She lived to be 18 years old and her daughter Calie slipped away this past July at the age of 20. I was truly humbled by the overwhelming support, goodwill and kindness Dr. Walker and her staff offered during the illness and passing of KC and Calie. I was reassured by their caring quality that KC and Calie’s quality of life was seen through to the end.
I still have two cats, Sassy and Dominique. We continue to visit Dr. Walker for routine check ups. Unfortunately Dominique was recently diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Although I am very saddened by the thought of losing Dominique I know that she is being cared for by the very best. Knowing this will help carry me through this difficult time.
No words can express my thanks for the outstanding treatment that we all receive from Dr. Walker and her staff. A thousand thank yous for all you do.
Patty Schnabel

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