We have two rescue kitties, and for the past five years their care has required Dr. Walker’s expertise about hair loss, weight management, teeth issues and injuries.
One of our kitties was a scratcher, and we needed advice about how to minimize her scratching without a declawing operation (she’s an indoor cat). Dr. Walker educated us about our options, and we ultimately chose a tendonectomy. We did some more research and found that no other vets in town are as knowledgeable or helpful as Dr. Walker, and few even offer the procedure. She held our hands—and paws—through the simple process and made it a positive experience. Our active cat didn’t miss a beat after the procedure, she was playing as usual. Dr. Walker personally called us the nights before and after the procedure to make sure we felt comfortable with the process, and she was patient and supportive while answering all our questions.
Later we referred another cat to Dr. Walker for the same procedure, and his people gave her a glowing review, too! In addition to Dr. Walker’s expertise and professional excellence, she’s a fun, caring person whom we’re glad to have as a trusted advisor.
Max, JJ, Chia & Sunny Lee

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